In 1981, Mithat Şen graduated from the School of Applied Arts “DTGSYO” obtaining his degree in Painting. He held his first solo exhibition in Galata, Istanbul in 1982. He has also represented Turkey along with Kemal Önsoy in the 44th Venice Biennale in 1990.

In his paintings, the artist exposes the relation between the real and the unreal, through abstract organic forms by employing his peculiar technique. He considers the wholeness emanating from human body structure as a general characteristic of visual organisms.

The moving images, he used to draw in his black and white monochrome paintings until 1987, may be perceived as the pioneers of his subsequent images which rather resemble the TORSO. These images, originally used to be open and moving, have rapidly evolved into closed and stagnant images. In 1988, he portrayed bodies that were in pastel colours such as rose pink, yellowish orange and grey-blue. Starting from 1989, warm red, green, blue and purple colours appear to dominate his paintings; in each composition two colors or a combination of colors of similar range are used. Images are occasionally represented as a simple or articulated single image, otherwise his paintings include numerous units of image. In the beginning of 1990’s, he started dividing his canvases into equal squares thus he divides the image. He also employs similar language of expression using acrylic on canvas, in his silk print works.